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About - Enduro-Maaxx

"A must in enduro racing in Quebec! "

Enduro-Maaxx is the enduro mountain bike regional circuit races in Bromont whose first edition was held in 2015. The circuit is of intermediate and advanced, as courses are technical and require good endurance. Enduro-Maaxx wants to be a model for this new and growing discipline. Each event lasts several hours, since it contains three long-term chain. The winner is determined by the sum of three times, we also find a cumulative of the season and the win of the Enduro-Maaxx cup!

* Enduro moto discipline inspired enduro bike. Departures are individual and only some sections are timed. The connections between the sections should be made by bicycle. These timed sections are relatively long descents and natural, that is to say, containing no added components or manufactured artificially, as is often the case downhill. Enduro is a discipline that requires excellent technique to go fast downhill, but also a good physical condition for the raises and rising sections.